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My Story

A journey over a decade of growth —

My adventure into UX/UI design commenced from a place of curiosity, evolving into a profound professional calling.

From self-taught beginnings to spearheading design initiatives at prestigious organizations, each phase of my career has been a building block towards mastery.

Currently, as a UX/UI Manager at Equiti Global Markets, I lead the charge in sculpting intuitive and impactful digital platforms.

"Design, to me, is a storytelling medium. I believe every pixel, every interface, represents a narrative waiting to be unfolded. My approach melds creativity with functionality, ensuring each design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also enriching and intuitive."

Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Skills and Expertise

My Creative Journey & Toolkit —

My journey in design is deeply personal and ever-evolving. It's fueled by a mix of passion, curiosity, and the continuous quest for knowledge.

Each skill I've acquired is a chapter in my story, was developed through years of hands-on projects and the pursuit of new learnings.

Strategic Design Leadership

Guiding design strategies from conception to completion with innovative solutions

Advanced User Research

Expert in comprehensive user research using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Agile Methodology & Design Sprints

Proficient in Agile practices, leading rapid prototyping and design sprints.

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Uniting diverse teams for cohesive, stakeholder-aligned design solutions

Front & Back -End Dev. Understanding

Bridging design with front & back-end tech for viable implementations.

 Usability Testing & User-Centered Design

Specializing in usability tests for intuitive, user-centric designs.

My Design & Development Toolkit

Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Empowering Through Education

Enriching both my journey and those of my readers and students. —

My journey in design is not just about personal achievements; it's about giving back to the community that has been instrumental in my growth.

With a heart set on nurturing the next wave of UX/UI talent, especially among Arabic-speaking enthusiasts, I've poured my insights into and shared narratives on Medium.